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Code of Conduct

Please click on the following link to access our full Code of Conduct (also located in your child's agenda)

Jacob Beam Code of Conduct 2015-16 School Council Approved

Our Mission:

"Jacob Beam is an inclusive learning community driven by a passion for the success of every student."


Students should expect:

  • To learn in a safe and orderly environment
  • To safely take part in school programs
  • To be respected by others at Jacob Beam

Teachers should expect:

  • To teach students who behave in a reasonable manner
  • To have students who are diligent in their studies
  • To have input when appropriate in decisions affecting the school
  • To be respected by others at Jacob Beam

Support Staff should expect:

  • Students and staff to take pride in their school building and classrooms and to work together to maintain a clean and organized environment
  • To have input when appropriate in decisions affecting the school
  • To be respected by others at Jacob Beam

Parents should expect:

  • To have their children taught in orderly classes
  • To have students provided with a meaningful program
  • To have input when appropriate in decisions affecting the school
  • To be respected by others at Jacob Beam


Parent Volunteers

At Jacob Beam School we encourage parents to be involved with the school. Classroom volunteers, trips helpers, special lunch days, and the School Advisory are just a few of the ways to be involved. Information will be available early in the school year about volunteering. Being involved in your child’s school is one of the key ingredients for a successful education.


All prescription medication must be kept at the office. This is for the safety of other students, should the medication be dropped on the playground. Consent forms are available at the office, and must completed by a physician, after which, the medication can be administered by a staff member.

Bicycles and other Wheels

All bicycles, skateboards, and scooters must be placed in the bike racks (at the south end of the school) and locked with a bicycle lock. We cannot be responsible for loss or damage. Locks will help prevent theft or damage. Bicycles, skateboards, and scooters must be walked while on school property. There is no storage in the school for skateboards or scooters. We support the police recommendation that students below grade four do not ride bicycles to school.

Visitor Policy

Parents are welcome at Jacob Beam. For safety reasons, all visitors, including parents, must report to the office when they arrive. Please make arrangements to meet your child at a designated location outside the school when picking up at the end of the day.

School Trips

Throughout the year, there will be a variety of educational outings offered to supplement the curriculum. The nature and scope of these activities will vary depending on the age of the students and the curriculum expectations being covered by the trip. You will receive information on the trips available for your class, along with permission forms to be signed and returned to the trip supervisors. There may be costs associated with these trips, but they may also be subsidized from school funds and/or parent fundraising.

Weather Warnings

School board decisions regarding school closure or the cancellation of buses are communicated through local radio stations. Watch our monthly newsletters for a listing of stations that the school board notifies of any change in service. For walking students, attendance at such times is left to parental discretion. Please call the school if your child will not be attending.

Parents Supporting Learning

At Jacob Beam, we are committed to open and clear communication. All parents are given the opportunity to participate in their child’s education in the following ways:

  • School Advisory Council
  • Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Agenda communication
  • Telephone communication with teachers and principal
  • Classroom volunteer duties (arrange with your child’s teacher)


Students who are ill should remain at home. This helps slow down the transmission of disease. All students are expected to go outside during the fitness break. If your child had a fever or was throwing up through the night, please keep him/her at home.