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About Jacob Beam Public School

Jacob Beam, a united Empire Loyalist founded the settlement of Beamsville in 1790 and donated the land for the original schools on Queen street.

In 1859, a brick house on the corner of King and William Street became Beamsville Public School. The home was purchased for $5,000. And was known as “Henry’s Folly.” The high school occupied the house directly beside the elementary school.
In 1917, BDSS as we know it, was built and Beamsville Public used both buildings for its elementary school.

Our present school was built in 1957 behind these two buildings and the old buildings were torn down. The new school was still known as Beamsville Public. It wasn’t until 1963 that it was dedicated to the memory of Jacob Beam.

In 1960, four more rooms were added (we know them as the Primary rooms) and in 1968 the gym and library wing were added.

Today Jacob Beam has a school population of 235 students with a staff of 20. We have 10 home room classes from Kindergarten to grade 8, and a Special Education class.

Jacob Beam school has undergone many changes over the years. Wonderful memories have been created within these walls.